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Bryan Heath has been installing television antennas & satellite dish systems for over 30 years.

For him it started while in his mid teens, tirelessly trying to receive TV2 at his parents place in the Marlborough Sounds. He finally succeeded - something he was told would never happen due to their location. Later, he moved to Wellington where he cut his teeth in the industry and again brought television reception into homes where others previously considered impossible.

Today, he continues this tradition by achieving Freeview|HD aerial reception in equally demanding areas, right here in our patch of paradise. Bryan says “When someone says it can't be done, I kinda take that as a bit of a challenge”. 

Don't be surprised if you see him with an antenna on your roof while he's seeing to your satellite dish problem - he's sure to be looking for an opportunity to help enhance your viewing experience even more!

We continually strive to bring high quality HD TV reception into more and more locations around the eastern Bay. We do this by putting in the hard yards, testing with various antenna combinations, because not all antennae are created equal. Some suit medium signal areas, like Coastlands, much of Whakatane and Ohiwa; some for low signal areas throughout the plains; and still others deal to deep fringe areas such as parts of Kawerau.


Sadly, there are still areas where we simply can't help with Freeview|HD, and in these cases we will continue to strive for the best outcome - for you.

More recently, IntegriTech diversified into providing good, reliable WiFi access around your home (and further afield), as well as a structured data cabling solution delivering internet via cable around your home or business. Tapping into major enterprise-grade brands, such as Grandstream, MikroTik and Ubiquiti, the days are gone where kids moaned about slow Internet; and your Netflix pic not being as clear as it should be, cutting in and out all the time. You can be sure of a strong, evenly distributed WiFi or wireless signal, right around your home!


​We are fully trained and qualified in height safety. It’s now a requirement for the majority of contracted roof work to be carried out with the use of either a fall-arrest or fall-restraint safety harness. The cost of non-compliance is high, not only monetarily but also the potential for serious harm or death. This is why we always carry a full harness kit to each job we attend - and we're not afraid to use it when it's needed!

Prior to forming IntegriTech, Bryan was employed by a couple of contract companies to work on the Chorus network. During this time he passed though an adult apprenticeship and now holds trade certificates in telecommunications.

Our goal is to provide an unequalled level of service, that you would want to recommend us to your family, friends and business colleagues. Much of our business is through referrals, which we are very grateful for, so thank you, Eastern Bay of Plenty!


We're hugely honoured to serve not only our residential and commercial customers, but also with local television retailers, with whom we work with closely as their preferred installation partner.

Please do not hesitate to call us on either 07 3125242 or 020 4994990, we are always happy to help. We're based in Whakatane for Eastern BOP people & we are proudly 100% NZ owned!

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