The Blacklist...

We hate doing this. We really do.


But in order for your name to appear here, you would have been repeatedly contacted by us and we've not heard back from you, or you have not settled your account with us.

In good faith, we completed the job you assigne

So, rather than be upset that your name is here, please contact us to discuss and make an arrangement to pay your bill. We'll happily remove your name once the bill has been settled in full. Incidentally, this page has been blocked by search engines, so a search for your name shouldn't come up from this site.

  • Carl Smith - Kawerau

  • Jake Palmer - Poroporo

  • AJ Ahimira - Kawerau

  • Moana Kohu - Te Teko

Please be aware, we will not carry out any further work for you until your bill has been paid in full.

Kind regards.

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