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Consider the cost and brand of the TV

If you buy a shop (or generic) brand, that's also much cheaper than the branded versions, you need to consider what the manufacturers cut back on in order to keep the cost down: Picture quality - especially if it has Freeview satellite inbuilt. Sound Quality Lack of input sources: HDMI, AV, etc... None of these things would be too important if the TV was going into a bedroom, but you'd hardly want one in the lounge - or worse, in accommodation such as Air B&B, Expedia, etc... You may save a few bucks, but we reckon you'll soon regret it. We say stick with the branded models.

Does the TV have Freeview satellite inbuilt?

Probably not as important if you're living in an area served by UHF coverage, but if you receive your signal via satellite dish and want to loose your Freeview box, this is a must! But don't be fooled! There are currently only three branded manufacturers who offer Freeview satellite inbuilt. They are: Panasonic, Samsung and LG. The Konka brand also offers inbuilt satellite, but we wouldn't recommend buying one - unless it's destined for a bedroom, where it probably won't get watched a lot. All other brands are strictly Freeview|HD (UHF aerial) capable only, and offer no inbuilt satellite tuner. These TVs still require a Freeview box for use when used with a satellite dish.

Do I really need to upgrade to a Smart TV?

A recent Consumer Magazine article addressed this question with a resounding... No. Most TV manufacturers build with smart capability in mind, but many of the apps fail to update on a regular basis past a certain point in the TVs lifetime. Our recommendation is if you're happy with your present TV, simply buy either a Chromecast device or a DishTV A7070 box (we stock and can install these), and connect it. You now have a Smart TV! Best of all, all your installed apps will be updated on a regular basis, and if your favourite app isn't preloaded just install it from the Play Store. Nice!

How do I measure the size of the TV screen?

Screen sizes are measured from the corner of the screen to the diagonal opposite corner.

It can be a bit daunting these days, but here's a few tips we think you'll find helpful...


What's up with my WiFi?

Consumer vs. Enterprise equipment?

Consumer devices, such as WiFi extenders are cheap, but don't often last the distance. Which is why we only install Enterprise (or Commercial) grade equipment, cos it just keeps going and going... and going! On the odd occasion when they do go wrong, they can often be fixed remotely, without a visit (and subsequent service call) Fewer problems = piece of mind.

How can I get Internet in our sleepout?

If you can't get a cable from your home modem to the sleepout, you'll need a wireless link. There are many consumer grade devices which purport to do this, including line extenders (which plug into a power point at either end to distribute Internet over your power cables), but in the vast experience of our customers, they simply don't live up to the hype. Spend some more on a professionally installed link, using the best in reliable Enterprise technology. You won't be disappointed.

I'm on Fibre. Do I really need my ISPs bulky modem?

Simple answer? No. We can replace it with a much smaller device, plus extend the range of your WiFi using access points throughout your home. Ah, happy days.

Why isn't my modem delivering good WiFi?

Could be a number of reasons... Are you in a densely populated area? Are you living in a large, double storey home? How far are you from your local telco cabinet/exchange? All these things can have an effect on your Internet connection and coverage throughout your home. Secondly, your ISP-provided modem is designed to do three jobs at the same time. Often there is a trade off between these jobs and usually its the WiFi part thats affected most. This can be solved by us replacing the WiFi part of the modem with separate access points around the home, thus improving coverage where and when it's needed.

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