Hero Phone

Finally, it's here. Your next-gen home phone!

Cost effective, reliable, portable and super easy to use.

Check out the amazing features you get...


  • Call forwarding - divert your number to another number, including mobile, and never miss a call.

  • DND (Do not disturb) - block all incoming calls, either immediately or on a scheduled basis.

  • Caller ID - choose who sees you, who doesn't and how often.

  • Private caller - request anonymous callers identify themselves before taking the call, or send them to voicemail.

  • Blacklist callers - ban nuisance or unwanted callers.

  • Call barring - restrict outgoing national, mobile or international calls, or a combination of.

  • Voice conferencing - bring a whole bunch of people together in one call. Great for family conferences.

  • Web conferencing - the big bro to voice conferencing, with a whole lot more features!

  • Call waiting - just for when that urgent call comes through when you're already on the line.

  • Last number redial - just missed a call? Call 'em back without redialing their number.

  • Voicemail - ah, what would we do without you?

  • Caller Tunes - give your callers something else to listen to when calling you, rather than the usual ringing tone.

  • Mobile app - stay connected while on the move!




So much flexibility, so little price!