Home WiFi Improvements...

Say bye-bye to slooow WiFi!

So there you are, watching your favourite team thrash the opposition when your picture starts freezing before your eyes...

​...which then reminds you how the kids constantly nag you about the slow internet...

...and movies that keep on buffering!

First world problems require first world solutions - and that's where we come in.

​Say goodbye to your WiFi blues by letting us professionally install from our quality range of enterprise-grade equipment, so you can start smiling at the kids again!

Get WiFi piece of mind... Holla out!


Wireless Solutions...

For tricky areas & situations

Can't get cabling where you need it?

Wireless. It's the ideal way to get Internet where you need it - without need for wires.

These are typically outdoor units, one placed on a building where good Internet is already available, and the other unit on a building (or buildings) some distance away where good Internet is needed.

Our wireless solutions deliver Internet and data over a few hundred meters, or much greater distances.

So, you could use wireless from a house to a garage (or sleepout) on the same property, or link an office to a building a few kilometres away - all on the same network, using the same Internet connection, thereby saving you a bundle.

Wireless is also great for farmers, where a reliable Internet or local connection is required from a home office to, say, a milking shed.

You really don't have to suffer bad Internet.

Call us now, we'll sort it out!

Wireless Solutions... from building to building!

Most commonly deployed from your house to your sleepout, our professional grade of wireless links and access points are just the ticket to trouble-free Internet.

Infact, pretty much any building to building deployment is possible, provided critical parameters are met. One Internet connection to more than one building can save a bundle on ISP charges.

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