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Updated: May 28

Time to save some of that hard-earned cash...

We reckon one of the main reasons the traditional POTS (plain old telephone service) is being phased out, is because of it's price point. Personally, we haven't had a landline for many years now, preferring to go it alone with cellphones. At the time of quitting, we were paying roughly $50 just for the phone component of our home provider's monthly bill.

What I love most about VoIP though, apart from it's extensive feature range, is how inexpensive it is.

We'll soon be releasing details about our preferred VoIP ISP, who we'll be reselling product for. You'll be able to subscribe to, and take advantage of the following plans...

  • a local number only (new, or port your existing number), where you'll pay per minute for all outgoing calls - 2/3 c/min +GST for local & national calls, and 19c/min +GST for mobile calls.

  • or sign up for a plan from as little as $10 per month, that has a generous dollop of local and national calls - $10 p/m +GST for 2000/250mins local & national calls.

  • pay a bit more and include a mobile calling pack - $10 p/m for 100 mobile minutes. More than enough for most small households. Got a bigger household? Just step up the plan.

Whichever VoIP plan you choose, it's likely to work out way less than the equivalent component with your existing provider, with calling included. Hey, we might even be able to lower your Internet bills too. More details coming soon. Stay tuned!

We initially opted for a number only plan for our home. Mainly because we have older family members who are now either retired or near retirement, and for them shelling out on cellphone calls is a bit out of the question. Because they live out of our free-call area, we chose a number within their free calling zone, meaning they can just pick up their phone, dial our "local" number and they get patched through to us. No charge to them, and only $2.50 to us for the number. Try and do that with your existing provider!

For us, it's definitely a win-win!

That gives you a bit of an idea how versatile VoIP can be. It can snuggly mold around you and your needs, rather you having to fit around your current ISP's (often tight) regimen.

VoIP isn't only about voice calling either. No, no, no... It's about video calling too! No more having to open your laptop, crank up the desktop or squint your eyes on a cellphone screen. You can see right from your generously-sized phone screen.

We'll supply and install all the gear you need to get you up-and-running. All you'll need at your end is a reliable Internet connection, with a shot of adventure.

So what are you waiting for?

Give us a call!

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