The horsey's are back...

Neeeigh kidding!

Trackside is back - albeit in a limited form.

Since Boxing day, and on special event days, Trackside has been spotted on Kordia's pop-up channel on Freeview|HD.

We're not sure whether this will lead to a permanent return to Freeview, but for horse racing fans without Sky, this will be very welcome news indeed.

And, because it's on Kordia TV, it comes in full HD on channel 200.

It's just another reason to cut the cord with your current payTV provider and join the exodus to Freeview|HD.

Sadly, the Kordia channel isn't available on Freeview's satellite service, so if you haven't yet upgraded to Freeview|HD (via a UHF antenna), or you'd like to cut the cord to payTV, then give us a call to find out more!

Call 020 4994990 or 073125242 now!

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