Thinking about buying a new TV?

It can be a daunting and a confusing process, but never fear, we are here to help!

Having no skin in the retail TV sales game ourselves, we provide an objective FAQ guide on our website to help you make the best decision - for you.

We have compiled a list of things we think you should be aware of - and ask about - before shelling out your hard-earned cash. The list is a culmination of things people have experienced when they bought their new TV, while we were sorting out an aerial/dish related issue; and our own thoughts which we've gained through years of experience in this, our field of expertise.

It's true that we are the preferred installation partner for most of our local retailers, and we're pretty sure they all offer the best information that's available to them. However, there are still other retailers who seem to be more at home telling you things about a particular TV that simply aren't true. It would seem some department stores, who also sell TVs, either don't provide good product knowledge to their staff, or maybe the staff members speak in ignorance about what their products can do - at the expense of what they can't do.

Take for example, Freeview.

Did you know Freeview have two methods of over-the-air transmission? They are via UHF aerial and satellite dish. All TVs sold these days have UHF tuners inbuilt, but not all TVs have Freeview satellite inbuilt. This causes confusion when the retailer states it has Freeview inbuilt, but isn't specific about which platform.

Another problem faced is whether a TV comes 'plug and play'. That is, all you need to do is unbox it, plug in the aerial/dish and power lead, turn on the TV and you're all set.

Sadly, we haven't had this type of service since the early 80s, in the days of the rotary dial to change channels. Selling a TV as a plug and play is disingenuous at best. The closest to plug and play today is only having to click autoscan with a working UHF aerial plugged in at start up. This would only be true if Internet TV or Freeview Satellite holds no interest.

There is a lot of configuration required to get your new telly to do all the things you might want it to, and unless you have some conceptual understanding of tech jargon, you'll spend many a frustratingly miserable hour trying to sort it out, probably without much success. That's why we offer our services. We do this stuff almost everyday, so we know our way around most (if not all) TVs on the market today.

To help you along with your journey, check out our helpful FAQ guide here.

If there's something that's not covered, feel free to give us a call. We're here to help.

All the best!


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