First, for all your TV reception needs!

Offering a wide range of services to enhance your viewing pleasure...

  • TV/FM aerial & satellite dish installation & service

  • Specialising in fringe signal areas

  • Site tests for Freeview|HD (UHF aerial) & FM radio

  • New build/renovation wiring fit-outs

  • Resolve no-signal, rain-fade problems

  • Live streaming options

  • OnDemand options

  • Overseas news and expat channels

  • Sky reticulation in bedrooms

  • TV, DVD, BluRay, soundbar installation & set up

  • TV wall mounting

  • Additional TV outlets

Infact, pretty much anything, aside of repairing your beloved television set.

When it comes to viewing free TV, New Zealand is well served by Freeview, a consortium of national & international broadcasters, who offer their services to you, free to view.

Keep reading for more info regarding Freeview and how we can best serve you in our patch of paradise.

"But Freeview HD isn't available here!"

Yeah, it's something we hear, all the time!

So, it's time we set the record straight...


Much of urban Whakatane has official Freeview HD coverage, which conversely benefits many other parts of our patch of paradise too.


But, why should I use you guys?

​Two words. Integrity and dedication, because...

  • we put in the hard yards, through stringent UHF site testing, throughout the Eastern Bay. 

  • we've used (and know how to use) the right test equipment

  • we use the best antennae for your location

  • we have extensive local knowledge

  • we know what works, what doesn't, and where

  • we've got a friendly can-do attitude

  • we get the job done, right - first time

  • We'll treat you right!


Find out what others are raving about,

then join the rave too!

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Freeview: UHF aerial, satellite or live streaming?

Freeview offer three options for receiving their service: via UHF Antenna, satellite dish and live streaming.


The UHF service, known as Freeview|HD, is essentially Freeview's premium offering. This is by far the best option for live TV viewing, where available. Here you can find all the available Freeview channels - many in High Definition. Even the non-HD channels tend to look better than satellite due to more modern compression techniques. It doesn't suffer rain-fade, and in almost every case, you can ditch your Freeview box & remote too, as most TVs bought in NZ that are less than 8 years old have Freeview|HD inbuilt. This is also the best option if decent broadband isn't available, or you're not on an unlimited plan with your internet provider.

The satellite service is just that - a service. It's designed to give coverage to areas outside the UHF towers, but because of the satellite's configuration, there are no HD channels, and the picture quality especially on larger screens, we think is pretty average at best.


However, by combining the live streaming option with the satellite option, you get more channels, most of which are in HD - along with access to a wide range of ondemand services like, YouTube, Netflix, Neon, TVNZ OnDemand, Spark Sport, Sky Sport Now, etc...

Freeview|HD or a combination of live streaming and satellite, really are the only choices when you have a TV screen larger than 40 inches, especially when sharp, vibrant pictures and crystal-clear digital sound is the reason you bought it, right? Freeview in high definition is delivered to much of NZ, and is solely received via aerial or live streaming. Additional channels, not available via live streaming, can be obtained through the satellite option as a combo.

Because we reckon you deserve the best, we'll test almost anywhere in the Eastern Bay for a quality, High Definition UHF signal. In fact, many of our customers, from Waiotahi Sands to Otakiri (along with many other places) now enjoy the quality of reception, that up to now, only metro areas have been able to obtain. Seeing is believing. Call us now for more info!

Freeview|HD is our primary installation option for live TV. However, should the signal not be available at your place, or you require ondemand services too, we'll happily offer  a combo of Freeview's live streaming and satellite for you instead.


At a glance...

"We are so happy & overwhelmed by your work. We appreciate you for making it happen. Dad thought this could never be done."


Lizette, Whakatane

 - Full UHF install + WiFi into Dad's sleepout + TV wall mounting.

via UHF Antenna...

  • Crisp, sharp and vivid HD pictures

  • Good quality SD pictures

  • All available channels (31/32)

  • No rainfade

  • One remote control

  • Set top box not usually required

  • A must for screens bigger than 40"

  • Not available everywhere

via Live Streaming...

  • Crisp, sharp and vivid HD pictures

  • Good quality SD pictures

  • No rainfade

  • Good internet connection required

  • Limited channel range (16/32)

  • A must for screens bigger than 40"

  • Other OnDemand services

  • Set top box is required

  • Perfect companion with satellite option

via satellite dish...

  • Available everywhere

  • Limited range of channels (24/32)

  • No HD Content

  • Subject to rainfade

  • Set top is required in many cases

What's available on Freeview?

TV One




Maori TV

TV One +1





Edge TV


- A,L,S

- A,L,S

- A,L,S

- A,L,S

- A,L,S

- A,S

- A,S

- A,S

- A,S

- A,L,S

- A,L,S

- A,S


Breeze TV

Te Reo

Al Jazeera






Hope Channel



- A,L,S

- A,L,S

- A,L,S

- A,L

- A,S

- A,S

- A,L

- A,L,S

- A,S

- A,S

- A

- A




Kordia TV

Radio Channels:

RNZ National

RNZ Concert

Base FM

George FM

- A,S

- A

- A

- A,L

- A,L,S

- A,L,S

- A,S

- S

"We'll provide and professionally install everything you need to deliver the clearest pictures possible.

You can count on it!"

Bryan, IntegriTech

A = Aerial | L = Live streaming | S = Satellite