"But Freeview HD isn't available here?"

Much of the Whakatane township has official coverage, which also benefits parts of the wider Eastern Bay too.

Freeview|HD: Go on, do your eyes a favour!


We have the right equipment, including test gear and antennae, along with extensive local knowledge - and a friendly can-do attitude to get the job done - first time.

All of our urban Freeview|HD installations come with band-pass filters fitted - essential for trouble-free viewing.

We'll also wall mount your TV, provide additional TV outlets, set up your smart TV for online services, and show you how to operate your new equipment with ease.

So, whether you're looking for a fresh install, wanting better FM radio reception, you're getting the dreaded 'No Signal' message, need another TV point or there's some other niggle in the system - look no further - you've definitely come to the right place!

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Freeview: UHF aerial or Satellite?

Freeview offer two options for receiving their service over the air: via UHF Antenna and satellite dish.


The UHF service, known as Freeview|HD, is essentially Freeview's premium offering. Here you can find all the available HD channels - even the non-HD channels tend to look better due to more modern compression techniques. It doesn't suffer rain-fade. And, in almost every case, you can ditch your Freeview box & remote too, as most TVs bought in NZ that are less than 8 years old have Freeview|HD already inbuilt.

The satellite service is just that - a service. It's designed to give coverage to areas outside the UHF towers, but because of the satellite's configuration, there are no HD channels via satellite, and the picture quality especially on a larger screen, is pretty average at best.

"Why did the Eastern Bay miss out on it's own Freeview|HD tower, when we had a TV tower before?" It was essentially down to money - cost per head of population. This article, though not about our region, might help explain the decision making process.

Freeview|HD  really is the only choice when you have a TV screen larger than 40 inches, especially when sharp, vibrant pictures and crystal-clear digital sound is the reason you bought it, right? Freeview|HD is delivered to much of NZ, and is only received via UHF aerial.

We will test almost anywhere in the Eastern Bay for a quality, High Definition signal.  In fact, many of our customers, from Waiotahi Sands to Otakiri (along with many other places) now enjoy the quality of reception, that up to now, only metro areas have been able to obtain. Seeing is believing. Call us now for more info!

Freeview|HD is our primary installation option. However, should the signal not be available at your place, we'll happily offer Freeview's satellite service for you instead.


via UHF Antenna...

  • Crisp, sharp and vivid HD pictures

  • Good quality SD pictures

  • No rainfade

  • Additional channels

  • One remote control

  • Set top box not usually required

  • A must for screens bigger than 40"

via satellite dish...

  • Available everywhere

  • Gives a reliable signal on all channels

  • Slightly cheaper option

  • No HD Content

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