• All payments for residential customers are strictly EFTPOS or Credit Card only, unless by prior arrangement. This account must be settled immediately following the sign-off of you job, before we leave your site. Payments via Credit Card attract a bank fee, currently 2.5% of the total invoice. Cash is no longer accepted, sorry.

  • We do not currently offer free quotes. Much of what we do can be reasonably estimated over the phone. However should you require a visit to carry out an actual quote this will be charged as the appropriate service call charge.

  • Service calls: The standard rate is charged out including travel time, mileage and up to the first 45 minutes on site. It does not include any parts which maybe required. It does cover any fault-finding done at ground level, under the house or in ceiling cavities. Any roof work that is required (including quotes) attracts an additional charge to help offset any health & safety concerns and additional time required to do so.

  • All payments for business customers must be settled within 7 days of invoice, or the 20th of that month if arranged with us prior. Late payments incur a charge of 2.5% of the total amount for each month outstanding.

  • Warranties. We stand behind the Consumer Guarantees Act.

  • We aim for the best quality  viewing possible, however you'll need to accept there are some limitations to this which are outside of our control. We will do our very best to minimise these, and on the very rare occasion may require several visits to sort out an issue. Please be aware that we live on the fringe of UHF aerial reception and as a result some minor interference may result. We do our utmost  to minimise such issues but we may not be able to eliminate them completely. Changes in signal quality can happen. Such situations we can not warrant against. Our service to you is offered upon this understanding.

  • We have no control over TV programming. We can not be held responsible should your favourite channel cease broadcasting soon after your installation.

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We think you deserve trouble-free service. We also think we all need to be on the same page when it comes to terms and conditions of service.

So, rather than create mountains of pages of legalese, we thought we'd just sum up the main points below...

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