VoIP... Your new home smartphone!

Seriously customisable, easy to use and best of all - it runs off the smell of an oily rag!

  • With VoIP you can be chatting on one phone and another family member can make another call at the same time - using the same line.

  • Power outage? No worries, stay in contact using a softphone app on your cellphone (or we can install a UPS to keep you hummin' along). The app will even ensure calls will get through, even while you're on the move.

  • Get an out-of-area number and patch it to your VoIP home phone. That way, your older out-of-town relatives can keep in touch (whether you're at home or on the move), without making calls to your mobile. It's a free call for them & costs you next to nothing for the service.

  • Use the intercom feature to call any other phone in the house or home office.


  • Wanna keep your old phone? We've got you covered there too!


  • Check out the cool features provided by 2Talk.

  • We install only Grandstream IP products.



All you need is a reliable Internet connection, some awesome VoIP equipment, your friendly installer and you're set to go!