Mobile Landline

Cut the cable - release your landline!

Harness the power of wireless! Using the latest cellular technology, we've cut the cable and are stoked to bring you our new mobile landline!

Far from being dead, this home phone is perfect for leased office space tenants, RV owners, those who don't need the Internet, infact anyone requiring a no-fuss, reliable & secure landline.


Better still, our Mobile Landline also pairs with most late model mobile phones, meaning you can take your HomePhone number with you wherever you go and use it like you would at home!

Use your existing phone, or buy a new one from us. We'll provide you with everything you need, and install it for you too!

Contact us now for more in and pricing!

* Requires customer sign up to a Hero VoIP account. Hero phone plans start from just $11.50 per month. 1+Gb data per month is also required (we sourced ours from Warehouse Mobile for $8 per month). Requires customer signup to your preferred mobile provider for required data connectivity.  Phone handsets are not included, you'll need to provide your own or purchase one from us. Number porting to Hero costs a one-off $11.50. Our HomePhone requires good quality signal. Loss of service may occur on rare occasions. A back up power supply is advised for areas where power cuts are problematic, these can be supplied separately. Hero phone plans do not provide internet connectivity. All Hero plans are prepay, with no contract.