Home WiFi & Data


New connections, or resolving WiFi issues -

We've got you covered!


  • Resolve WiFi issues throughout your home or business

  • Resolve intermittent connections and/or slow speed

  • Real-time monitoring

  • Add/change guest network access

  • Additional data and access points

  • Data cabling & termination

  • Building to building wireless links

  • Reliable, robust enterprise solutions

  • Hassle-free WiFi & wireless

  • Freeview live streaming and on-demand services

For any WiFi, home data network installation or issue throughout your home or small business - call us first!

We supply and install only enterprise-grade Grandstream, IgniteNet & MikroTik products in our WiFi solutions.

Keep reading to find out how we can best serve you...

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Home/office WiFi solutions...

GWN Cloud

There's nothing more frustrating than an unreliable internet connection, that seems to know just the right time to play up.

"And those wireless extender thingies that we bought from the shop aren't much help either."

"There has to be something that offers far better reliability and versatility? 'This is just insane!"

"My provider has put me on 4G wireless & it keeps cutting out"

We hear ya - and, yes, we can help!

Here at IntegriTech, we pride ourselves on supplying and installing the only best enterprise grade equipment, 'cos it just works - and works well. So why settle for mediocre, right?

We'll happily custom tailor a solution for your particular WiFi requirements, serving you both now and into the future.

Solutions that provide reliable Internet throughout your home (and beyond), changing as your needs change.

In most cases, we can also monitor your system, provide firmware updates, and make changes as you require - all remotely, and in realtime, without the need for another visit.

We install only enterprise Grandstream & MikroTik products.

For reliability and peace of mind with your home or office Internet, just give us a call - we'll see ya right!