Rural ISP Site Tests

Live rural and have poor Internet?

Here in the eastern BoP we are blessed with four wireless ISPs covering the entire plains area and beyond, so there really is no reason for suffering with bad Internet.


These providers stand apart from the big 3 national wireless telcos, and often offer a better standard of service, more reliable connections and speed.


We can help you get the best possible connection, service and speed, by simply coming to your place and conducting a truly independent, pre-qual check. This involves testing on your roof (and/or around your property), using industry leading equipment, ensuring a quality evaluation.

Once completed, we'll email you a copy of the providers we think will give the best Internet connection, speed and capacity for your location.


You can then make an informed decision of which provider you might want to go with, and make contact with them directly to arrange your installation.

Sound good? Just pick up the phone and give us a holla, on 07 3125242.